Straight up safety


Don't put your child at risk - keep your child safeThere is an inherent problem with a group 2 seat (for children over 15kg or approx. 4 years old). Children have moved from the support offered by the 5 point harnessed seats to one strap across the chest and lap. When they fall asleep they can fall forward out of the seat. The shoulder strap slowly releases and the child is left in a dangerous (see crash test data) and uncomfortable position.

BeltUpp BoxMany parents find themselves altering their driving style as to minimize sudden changes in direction or they hold the infant upright with their arm when the child is in the passenger seat. This can be very distracting and ultimately dangerous for all occupants and other road users alike.

We have devised, designed and developed an additional strap that will keep your child upright in a safe and comfortable position.

It can be added in seconds, is adjusted easily and requires no modification to the seat or the car seat belt.

It uses a traditional seat belt buckle and tongue release system.

This is the only one of its type tested and produced like this.