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Our Story

Our Story

Before BeltuppWe are Hannah & Phil Batham, the directors of BeltUpp. Two of our children, Zachary & Phoebe, use Group 2 car seats, and often on longer journeys fall asleep, they would then slump forward in their car seat.

This would leave them unsupported and freely moving around as we manoeuvred the car.  We found it very distracting, often having to hold them upright whilst driving.

Zach & Phoebs’ really didn’t like being constantly woken as we turned, braked or accelerated.

In September 2012 we had been out for a family day and on the return to home both of the children had fallen asleep, Hannah had to climb into the back of the car to support the children as they flopped around the car. That night we searched the internet for a solution to this problem but came up with nothing. That same night we designed a BeltUpp prototype.

By January 2013 our fully tested, belt was ready for sale via our website and in major high street outlets.

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