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Customer feedback!

By // Hannah

Here is some recent feedback received from BeltUpp’s customers.

Faith Smith      these are fab, they stock them in John Lewis.

Ffion Ab Heulwen    These look great – where can i get one from!

Anna Marie Jones      Hi, received my Beltupp the other day and its just as described and so easy to use, my little boy loves it so much he wants to wear it all the time,not been on a journey long enough yet for him to fall asleep but I’m confident it will do exactly as it says… Thank you very much for inventing a simple but excellent piece of kit!! X

Sharon Jeanett Phillips      I’ve just had one for both my boys. There easy to fit. And both boys are happy to wear it. Brilliant product.

Claire Astbury     That’s a very good idea

Katie Smith     First long journey to Cornwall with BeltUpp & it was great……….. Happy & safe x
Carrie Lee       Purchased n thankyou.
Lara Goodman      What a great idea !! :0)
Claire Bishop      Fab will be getting one thank you x
Kristal Capewell     I have just moved my son into a group 2(yesterday) and id never even thought about this. Will b getting one brill idea. Kx
Natalie KT        We are so buying this, my 2yr gets himself into some awful positions! !
Patsy Friend       what a brilliant invention. well done. would be lovely if you could invent something for adult belts as i fall asleep on long journeys. our grand  children only need booster seats now,  can your safety belt fit on those ?
Joanne Bulmer      Good idea x
Nancy Jones      Brilliant idea. Would be perfect for my son. X
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