Straight up safety

How to install

Beltupp Fitting Diagram 1Keep the child seat in the correct position in the car. Separate part 1 and 2 by pressing the red release button.  Locate the bottom anchor point of the cars integral adult 3 point seat belt. This is normally down at the base of the seat on the same side as the door opening.

Attach the locking clip on part 1 to the strap at the base of the seat. Make sure the buckle is on the outside of the adult strap (facing outwards) so that it can be easily operated. (Diagram 1) The buckle should be outside the seat so that when it is done up it is not pressing on the child’s leg or lap.

Beltupp Fitting Diagram 2Part 2 can now be easily attached behind the seat. Locate the retracting adult belt as it goes through the top eyelet of the group 2 seat. This will be on the same side as the anchor point. Just behind the eyelet at the back of the seat add the slider clip to the adult belt. (Diagram 2) This will allow the seat belt to be pulled out and retracted easily.

Follow the long adjustable strap now so it passes through the spare eyelet at the other side of the seat. The tongue now can be adjusted to meet the buckle and can be locked and released easily.

Beltupp Fitting Diagram 3Once the child is in place and the belt connected the adjuster can be moved to keep a tight and upright position.  This will ensure, even when asleep, that a safe and comfortable position is maintained.

The child should now have an ‘X’ pattern across their chest with the addition of the BeltUpp strap. (Diagram 3)

For video footage of how to fit the device please watch the video here (not yet supplied)